Ulrike Engelmann
- Letter of Credit Management -
 Letter of Credit Management

    From the very beginning upto completion

  • On receipt of L/C, we will check the same to it's correct issuance according to your sales and contractual conditions.  In case there should be any discrepancy, we will inform you about the further proceedure in order to ensure a safe supply and guaranteed payment.
  • The production/supply of goods is to be effected in accordance with L/C terms.  We will check with you the strict compliance or will take care for the necessary amendments of L/C.
  • Packing/marking has to comply with the specified requirements.
  • We check your documents such as invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin, Bills of Lading, insurance certificates, etc. to be 100% in accordance with L/C terms or we may produce these documents for you.
  • We are in contact with advising and confirming banks for any clarification.
  • We are following the L/C upto total usance and are supervising your payments out of the same.
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